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Zanni is your missing link that can oversee all aspects of XR within your project, working alongside both artistic and technical teams.

  • Hire and manage any sub-contractors for XR portion of project.
  • Liaison between artistic and technical departments, being the line of direct communication between all parties.
  • Handle logistics (schedule, deadlines, deliveries, etc.)
  • Provide on-site supervision.
  • Troubleshoot and follow through to ensure that “The show must go on.”

Technical Direction

We are the main bridge between end client, artistic creators, technical service providers, and other third-party vendors.

  • Manage the technical design of the project alongside the creative director and lead production designer.
  • Oversee software development if needed.
  • Logistics of technical set-up, execution, and break down of XR equipment.
  • Build out of physical infrastructure necessary for XR or immersive experience.
  • Equipment testing, training and technical rehearsals.
  • Ongoing maintenance of XR equipment during run of show.

Artistic Direction

Our team takes your concept and turns it into an immersive experience that your audience and clients will never forget.

  • Research and understand the goals of the client, agency, or artistic director.
  • Visually design the XR elements to meet the needs of the overall design.
  • Provide design iterations and help determine best choice.
  • Create all CG assets with high-quality 3D models, proper texturing, and ready for established rendering parameters.
  • Prepare and perform all motion capture used for both linear and live animation.

XR & Immersive Strategy

We work with you to investigate and determine best ways to integrate XR into your live performance, event, or presentation.

  • Outline various products available and assign best choices.
  • Determine how the chosen technology will best work within any pre-existing framework, physical infrastructure, and/or production pipeline.
  • Determine the best form of artistic content (cg, motion capture, live animation, etc.) and outline the ways it can be achieved based on time and budget.