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Premier Virtual Entertainment Agency Launches XR Device for Live Entertainment

MORRISTOWN, NJ, October 2021 – As a response to the rising need for technical innovation for live performances and events, Zanni has officially launched to provide a new way for producers, directors, and artists to create memorable experiences through immersive virtual and augmented reality. Zanni encompasses a unique blend of extensive theatre production experience along with technical virtual production skills. Their team brings a vast network of partners in immersive technologies in order to create the most robust solutions for producers in theater, sporting, and entertainment. The pandemic brought about a mass disruption in the live production industry, and Zanni aims to help creative industry professionals find ways to innovate in audience engagement and bring them back to live in-person events and shows.

Along with the launch of their services offerings, the company has announced the upcoming release of Ovees™, their proprietary handheld mixed reality viewer, which enables XR-enhanced performances, placing augmented reality content in the context of a live performance or show. This device is also one of the very few that can achieve both augmented reality and virtual reality, giving the producer the ability to take the audience in and out of completely occluded virtual spaces. Producers will also be able to use this product to conduct virtual staging prior to investing in physical buildout, minimizing wasted costs and time. “This is an exciting time for live entertainers to really reach beyond the traditional limitations of live production design,” says David Rodriguez, CEO and Founder of Zanni. “We are bringing creators the capabilities and tools to think out of the box and outside of the physical limitations of reality to create incredible, memorable and engaging experiences.”

Zanni will be debuting their suite of virtual production services in an array of cabaret shows as part of the live entertainment showcased at the LDI Show, a catalyst in helping entertainers master storytelling via the use of cutting-edge technology. “We are proud to partner with Zanni to showcase new innovations in live entertainment and introduce new ways to engage live and virtual audiences in a time that is most needed in this industry,” states Jessi Cybulski , Show Director, Live Design at LDI. The show will consist of live acting combined with real-time animation, live motion capture and in-camera visual effects. Zanni will also be showcasing the pre-release build of the new Ovees mixed reality viewer expected to release mid-2022.

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About Zanni XR Inc.

Zanni’s mission is to transform the way event producers and performers tell stories and engage audiences by blending traditional storytelling with innovative immersive technology. We use techniques in Virtual Production and Technical Theatre to bring the audience right into the story and experience live entertainment in ways that have never been done before. With 30 years of professional experience in theatre and event production, we know how to design immersive, technology-driven experiences with the audience in mind and give them incredible memories that will last forever.